Perfect Feng Shui – Lakeshore View

Perfect Feng Shui – Lakeshore View


Lakeshore View, Singapore

Status Of Project



Aamer Taher
Khairudin Saharom

Site / Floor Area

796 m² / 720 m²

Bungalow 796 m² / 720 m² Aamer Architects Tropical Modern 2009 Works Completion Year
Bungalow 2009 796 m2 / 720 m2 Modern Aamer Architects Tropical Works Completion Year

According to the clients, the site for this house epitomises the perfect fengshui: jor san, hiong hoi (the transliteration of spoken Cantonese for the Chinese concept of 坐山, 向海, loosely translated as sitting with the mountain at the back, facing the sea). 

Like other houses designed by Aamer, this house was also designed to capitalise on what the site offers while maximising the landscaping and other means of passive cooling to create experientially delightful spaces in the tropics. For example, this house was dissembled into two connected pavilions and configured to capture the sea breeze along with the views of the golf course directly in front and the sea in the background. Part of the house, especially the upper levels, was designed to capture the view of the hill behind. Furthermore, lush landscaping was incorporated into different parts of the house, providing shade and extra insulation.

This house is however slightly different in that many green features are integrated into this house: the roofs are lined with photovoltaic panels to convert solar energy to electricity, LED (light-emitting diode) lighting is used throughout, rainwater is harvested for the irrigation of the landscape, water plants are used in the bio-filtration system for the pond and food waste is composted for gardening. Aamer tried to minimise the building materials consumed by specifying off-form concrete walls, terrazzo flooring, and the extensive use of recycled hardwood railway sleepers the clients sourced from Australia.

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