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Architectural Design Services

Aamer Architects aims to reconcile function and beauty in design, backed by strong service and management support whilst forming deep connections with each of our clients to create works of Art, that serve as a reflection of every owner’s personality.


If you’re used to traditional architectural forms, you might first find our designs too unconventional. But if you consider them from the perspective of context and respect for nature, you may discover the true harmony of these unexpected curves and architectural gymnastics. The works show that creative freedom and revision of typical guidelines can generate aesthetically appealing and functional building projects. The dedicated team of professionals has been demonstrating its commitment to excellence for more than 25 years.

Interior Design

Interior Design should harmonise with the Architecture of a property and its spaces, with a focus on well-being/feeling, safety, beauty, comfort, function, and health. Spaces that foster connections between family, friends, neighbours, and communities. We wish to enhance our clients’ lives by creating wonderful architectural projects that unify with its interior spaces.


As architects we do of course care about preserving the character of buildings that have a rich or specific history in the context of a city, a nation and/or of a particular community heritage.

In Singapore for example, such buildings can be found near Boat Quay, where the traders decided to build warehouses/shophouses in the early days at the riverside. Or along Orchard Road, where merchants once built their magnificent homes.

It’s about preserving the character of a building from these moments in time and showing all the changes that make up the rich history of the building. And what is also possible is building a complete new traditional ‘black & white’ home, having all the original features yet with all modernity for the owners, see our Maryland project for example.

Indeed, practicing conservation involves judgement guided by professional ethics and public policy.


We prefer to have lots of green in & around each of the projects, complementing and even enhancing the architecture. And we achieve this normally by working with the right specialist consultant and/or directly with dedicated landscape contractors. It is evident that ‘greenery’ contributes enormously to the well-being and well-feeling of the occupants and in a most sustainable way.

Master Planning

Master Planning is an approach that provides a comprehensive look at where a site is today and what it’s going to take to make its ideal future a reality. The process associated with this type of planning is intensely collaborative, involving not only clients but also various other design professionals.

A successful Master Plan considers the many aspects of existing conditions such as the neighbourhood, community, environment, and context, and responds to those complexities in a sophisticated design. It must consider past, present, and future as well as practical, functional, and economic realities.

The Master Planner/Architect will be responsible for providing the overall guidance and structure for creating and maintaining the designs for the main services whether for that city, district, neighbourhood, or island resort. All have their specific requirements, and we are always keen to take up the challenge, as seen in our projects in Yangzhou, Kuala Lumpur, and Hoi An.

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